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About Retinacomplex®

Retinacomplex® is a dietary supplement consisting of a combination of powerful antioxidants and a concentrated extract of the Chinese fruit LyciummBarbarum Lynn (Goji berry) and and vitamin A. The capsule is vegetable. The daily dose - consisting of 4 capsules - is:
  • - Polysaccharides from Lycium Barbarum Lynn 600mg (90% pure)
  • - L-Glutathione 200mg
  • - AlphaLipoic Acid 100mg
  • - Luteïn 20mg
  • - Zeaxantin 10mg
  • - vitamin A 160µg
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Reviews from satisfied customers

T. Kras
The Netherlands
"I have been using Retinacomplex ever since 2006 and now in 2017 I still use it, and am very satisfied with it. In 2006 I heard that I was going to be blind a year later in 2007. I did not give up hope and I still enjoy the things I “CAN” see! My sight has indeed deteriorated over time, but I can still see. So, for me it had an inhibitory effect which I am very pleased about. In short, if I had not used Retinacomplex, I should have been long blind by now."
C. de Boer
The Netherlands
"I use Retina complex since 2010. I suffered from visual impairment a lot. Then I started using Retinacomplex. Since then the decline has stopped. If I hadn’t done that, I would have lost my sight. I would recommend it to anyone with eye problems!"
M. den Hartog
The Netherlands
"I suffer from Retinitis Pigmentosa. Many years ago, I started using Retinacomplex and this has helped me a lot. Over the years, my sight did deteriorate a bit but without this supplement I would have been blind now, so I can say with certainty that Retinacomplex truly has an inhibitory effect. I continue to use it because it would be fantastic to have many more years with eyesight!"
M. Truman
"I have been using Retinacomplex for over 10 years. My disease (retinitis pigmentosa) is one that progressively leads to blindness. My ophthalmologist felt it was important to keep my eyes as healthy as possible and she specifically recommended Retinacomplex, The company's ordering system is simple and straightforward. More importantly, it has been completely reliable in providing Retinacomplex to us. Anyone looking for this type of product should feel comfortable ordering Retinacomplex."
"I use Retinacomplex because my vision depends on it. I'm having good results. I'm 47 years old and I can still see well. I know that my disease (Retinitis Pigmentosa) has no cure, but with the help of this supplement I can work and I can walk at night well. I take 2 tablets a day, I know the ideal would be 4 but it is a very expensive supplement for us Brazilians. But you're still helping me a lot. I would just like to pass on to everyone that the Retinacomplex is bringing good results for me!"
Juliana Pereira
A few years ago I began to use Retinacomplex, which unfortunately is not yet available for sales in Brazil, but is sent to me directly from the Netherlands whenever I order it. This supplement ensures that my illness remains stabilized, allowing me to continue to see. I’m having a great experience with the supplement and I have never had side effects. The purchase always takes place easily with fast shipping. However, last June I couldn’t make the purchase, because there were payment issues. I contacted the company, which promptly assisted me in trying to resolve the issue. They sent me a box of Retinacomplex so that I could continue to use the product, ultimately I did not have to pay this. I have no words to thank for that gesture. It is incredible that a company located so far from where I am has such an attitude, often people who know us personally do not make such a gesture. I am very grateful to Retinacomplex, which proves to be a human company, working with the heart and is always ready to help their customers. Again, thank you very much Retinacomplex!
Erica Borges
I began using Retina Complex in 2009 on the advice of my ophthalmologists. It was recommended with the aim of halting, or at least helping to delay, the progression of Retinitis Pigmentosa. Following 8 years of continuous use, I can confirm that the investment has been well worth it. My disease is not very active and progressing slowly. I have healthy habits alongside use of Retina Complex, such as always protecting my eyes from sunlight, exercising, eating well and steering clear of cigarettes!
Marcel Nagm
My doubts were taken in one day and the product has already been sent, studies prove their benefit and it was recommended by one of the best ophthalmologists in Brazil.
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Recommended use (for adults)

Daily, two capsules in the morning and two in the evening after meals. Do not use Retinacomplex® in combination with anticoagulants containing Warfarin/Coumadin. Always consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing or are being treated with anticoagulants. Do not use together with any other nutritional supplements containing similar ingredients. 30 day supply of Retinacomplex® (120 capsules) €34,95 in Europe or $45.95 outside Europe. Prices are inclusive of shipping. Prices are inclusive of 6% VAT.
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  • Package should be delivered within 3-10 business days in Europe and 10-20 business days outside Europe.

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